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Benefits of Ownership

  • Fly on your schedule, not someone else’s

  • Skip the lengthy security lines and airport congestion

  • Enjoy unparalleled privacy and comfort in the air

  • Explore new destinations with ease and efficiency

Seamless Management & Maintenance

Once you’ve acquired your aircraft, AFS takes care of all the details. Our total management service handles everything from scheduling maintenance inspections and recurrent pilot training to trip scheduling and dispatch. All you need to worry about is how you’re going to spend all that time you gain by not waiting in terminals and security lines.

Private aircraft in transit Charter aircraft at sunset

Sales & Management

Discover the Perfect Aircraft

Unlock the freedom of the skies with our comprehensive aircraft ownership solutions. You don’t have to be a pilot to realize the benefits of private aircraft ownership and travel.

With Adirondack Flying Service, finding the perfect aircraft for your needs has never been easier. Our team of aviation experts assists you every step of the way, from selecting the ideal make and model to negotiating the best price. Whether its a light single engine aircraft for traveling around the Northeast, a powerful all weather turboprop, or even a Jet for cris-crossing the country; we can help.


Offset your Costs with Leaseback

Many aircraft owners offset their costs and gain valuable tax advantages by leasing their aircraft back for business purposes. Depending on the type of aircraft we can help explore options for leasing your aircraft back to a professional operator. Lighter aircraft may see opportunities for scenic air tours while larger aircraft can be utilized in charter operations. We can also help you find opportunities to split your ownership costs with a partner.

Benefits of Leaseback:

  • It’s still your personal aircraft; available on your terms
  • Airplanes are complex machines and benefit from frequent use
  • Tax advantages differ by individual but many owners take advantage of business equipment bonus depreciation and more
  • Gain income for the time your aircraft would otherwise be unused